Congratulations to the Emerald Club class of 2002!


Every year, LANSA considers each of our partners for membership in our Emerald Club. In order to qualify, partners must exhibit excellence in their overall representation of LANSA – from the marketing side to public relations, from selling the product to their knowledge of our technology.

 The class of 2002 includes several sales and marketing champions. Take a few minutes to visit their Web sites to learn more about their offerings.

Dynax Solutions (NY) has been a LANSA Solution Partner for ten years. In the 2001 Dynax continued to demostrate excellence by introducing LANSA to several new customers while successfully adopting new LANSA products like LANSA Integrator and LANSA Commerse Edition. For more information visit www.dynax.com


Numeric Computer Systems (NY) has developed eRMS - a LANSA-based solution for the Order-to-Cash process for Direct Store Delivery in the Route Trade Distribution industry. In the 2001 NCS delivered LANSA products and services to several customers while developing their product using the latest LANSA technology. For more information visit www.ncssuite.com


Weidenhammer Systems Corporation (PA) is the LANSA Solution Partner of the Year in the Americas. During 2001 Weidenhammer clearly demostrated outstanding representation of LANSA, servicing over 10 new LANSA customers and successfully implementing all LANSA technologies- from LANSA for iSeries to LANSA integrator. For more information visit www.hammer.net


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RISC REINTEGRACION EN SERVICIOS DE COMPUTO (México) has been the most successful LANSA Solution Partner in Central America, with a dozen happy LANSA customers. RISC has won several quarterly Top Gun awards as the #1 partner in the Americas, and 2001 was no exception. For more information visit www.risc.com.mx


Lyles Data System (SC) has developed eGS - a LANSA - based solution for county governments to help them deliver information to citizens more quickly and cost effectively. In 2001 Lyles Data launched the solution and successfully implemented it in two country governments in the South Carolina, with several more counties on the verge of discovering improved efficiency with EGS. For more information visit wwww.lylesdata.com or www.egs.cc


Source Data Products (CA) has been a leader in delivering LANSA Internet technology across several industries. From services companies to ratail and distributors to governments, Source Data Products (SDP) has successfully maintained happy customers relationships throughout the country. In the 2001 SDP continued to demostrate its compentency with LANSA for the Web and LANSA Commerce Edition. For more information visit www.source-data.com



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